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Robin Mullen: Live Painting on Guildford High Street

Within the historical town of Guildford, you will often find Robin Mullen painting live on the cobbled High Street. Robin has painted the scenic view of the High Street from a variety of locations, with him currently being situated approximately halfway up Guildford High Street, adjacent to his gallery, No.3 Market Street.

Over the 20+ years of live painting on the High Street, Robin has become a recognised figure within the town. Whether it is a beautiful summers day, or torrential rain/snow, Robin will be live painting on the High Street where he spends his weekends displaying his wonderful artistic skills to the people of Guildford. In addition to this, Robin is known to be very pleasant and happy to talk to individuals who have an interest in his artwork, or painting in general. Over the years he has provided information to many people on how to improve their artwork, as he appreciates people who have a similar passion for art as himself.

Robin displays his work in his gallery in Guildford, as well as on this website under ‘Guildford Paintings’. The original paintings, painted live on the High Street, are available to purchase in the variety of sizes in which Robin has painted Guildford High Street. Whether you believe Guildford is at its most attractive in the summer with the lovely blue sky, or whether you find the heavy rain glittering the cobbled stones even more aesthetically pleasing, there is a range of editions available to suit your preferences. Robin has also released a range of high quality prints of his Guildford High Street paintings, available to purchase for as little as £99.