Robin Mullen

Born in 1962.  Working as a professional artist since 1987, his work has been exhibited in his Guildford gallery since 1989-present and Kings Road, Chelsea, England (2000-2005). Robin supplied galleries throughout the UK and the US (1990-2010) and exhibited at art fairs; London (Design Centre), Manchester, Dublin, Newcastle and the Affordable Art Fair, as well as the New York Art Expo. Robin's work has been purchased by many individuals, companies and institutions including Tag Airport (Farnborough), Manchester United and HSBC. Recent installations include the prestigious Harbour hotel in Southampton.

As a child prodigy in his early years, Robin was always seen as the creative child asked to make or paint everything in school. With no interest from his family, Robin made his own way making paints from anything, crushing chalk to make white powder paint. During his college years one art tutor, Mrs Epps, pleaded politely for him to attend West Surrey Art College. With no money and, in his mind, no options, he had to find employment. Proving impatient, radical, basically a nightmare working within a team, finally in desperation, he vented his energy back into art, opening his first gallery on a shoestring in 1987. Since then he has wrestled with an industry which he feels has lost the plot. Too many prints and gimmicks masking the artwork, Robin fights to be traditional, just pouring his thoughts onto canvas using the finest materials available.

Often asked who interests him. Two that are at the top of Robin's list, the meticulous Richter, full of energy balance with tortured agony of Mark Rothko.