Visit the gallery Friday to Sunday or by appointment.


Do the paintings come ready to hang?

Yes all the paintings are wired and ready to hang. The wire is steel and has a coating of plastic to protect it against moisture.

How do I keep my painting clean?

All Robin’s originals are treated with a UV resistant varnish to protect the surface. If after a period of time you notice dust gathering on the top of the painting the use of a feather duster would be suitable to brush the dust away,

What do you mean by an original?

All Robin’s originals are painted from scratch. Each piece is a one off. There is no element of the painting that involves printing, They are unique pieces not to be confused with Limited editions, original prints, giclees or Original limited editions which are all printed. 

What are exhibition stretcher bars?

These are the wooden bars Robin uses to stretch the canvas over. They are the highest quality and ensure that the painting will remain stable for a long period of time. Robin has been using these for over 30 years which is a good indication of their quality.


Do you deliver?

All Pieces will be delivered if required. Smaller pieces are either hand delivered if local or securely packaged before dispatch. Large pieces are hand delivered if possible. If the distance is too great a wooden lined box is used for delivery. 

What medium do you use?

Most pieces are painted in acrylic. If not stated in the description, the painting will be in acrylic. If the paintings are in oils, this will be in the description.