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Today more than ever, choices are endless. Therefore, making the right choice is your target.

Since 1987 (a long time ago), I have been making art, framing art and doing my best to ensure my clients are happy. My reward has been memorable clients who have become friends and supported me throughout my career.

Experience is essential, as are reliability and trust.

If you know us, I look forward to seeing you soon (even just to say hello). If you would like to be a future client I can promise a friendly, reliable and trustworthy relationship awaits you at Robin Mullen.


Free UK Delivery On All Items

The finishing touch to our service. Postal sized items are expertly packaged using quality protective materials. Larger pieces are delivered by Robin in person and installed when required.

This ever changing collage depicts pieces installed by Robin in clients homes.


Why Use Traditional Methods to Produce Modern Artwork 

Modern Art is a term that can be applied to anything. In its day, the superb Lascaux cave painting would have been modern art. Today when art can be spray painted on a plaster wall or have the added detail of elephant dung the range of technique is vast.

When I started painting, David Shepherd was selling his iconic elephant prints through the newspaper for a pound. Even in those early days my paints were important to me, Winsor and Newton oils in a nice wooden box were like treasure to a 10 year old. I had no idea how to use them and without a teacher or a manual, I was left to my own devices.

Over the next 40 plus years, I have tried everything. Dozens of surfaces from linen to mahogany, every make of paint I could try.

I have one piece of advice. Use the best quality materials for their intended purpose. Graffiti spray paints are brilliant on walls. The work they are capable of is awesome. Enamels are greatest for painting cars and can give a superb finish on a number of solid surfaces, but not canvas.  On canvas, quality oils are king, closely followed by the best acrylics from the likes of Golden. Both brush and palette knife can give expressive strokes that you can feel. There would be no need for this on large scale graffiti work, you need to stand back from large scale works.The flexible nature of these paints give me confidence that they will last. Tests with enamels resulted in cracking with any weight of application. This can be overcome with a hard plywood surface, the disadvantage is the weight.

Traditional paints on traditional surfaces give me the results I seek. You will hear different ideas from people, these are my own. I’m using 400 year old methods used by old masters and more recently by modern masters like Rothko. Jackson Pollock employed enamel on flexible canvas works that are already cracking and require extensive restoration. Not well thought out I think. Stay safe, stick with tradition.

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