Robin Mullen


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Classical Influence:

‘Lascaux' is one of Robin’s large original abstract paintings, and this is a stunning blend of purple, orange and blue. This one-off piece measures 200cm x 90cm. The presence of this piece is displayed by the powerful use of colour, and this is another in Robin’s series of gemstones. The raised chrome central core of ‘Lascaux' acts as a balancing division between the other elements of the painting. The bright and uplifting nature of this piece derives from the influential classical music listened to when creating this painting, particularly the exuberant symphony ‘Classical’ composed by the Russian Sergei Prokofiev. The sounds of this symphony have connotations with serenity and ambition, which correlates with the expression seen within this piece.

Quality of Materials:

Robin ensures the quality of this piece is upheld by using the best materials available, such as the high-quality Belgium canvas and exhibition stretcher bars. Top of the line stretcher bars are essential for a large abstract such as ‘Lascaux’, as they reinforce the structure of the painting, making it resistant to warping or twisting. In addition to this, Robin also uses the highest quality of pigments, which are mixed using a traditional glass muller and base. The pigments used are ‘Sennelier’ Dry Pigments. Gustav Sennelier, in the late 19th Century was known to produce his pigments for artists such as Cézanne, Gauguin and Picasso, and therefore had to ensure his were superior to any other pigments n the market. As of today, Sennelier has continued to craft the highest quality of pigments from traditional sources. 'Lascaux’s’ excellence is assured by the use of Sennelier pigments, and Robin’s expert mixing of these pigments creates the wonderful colours present on the canvas. This painting is capable of bringing life to a calm area, and ‘Lascaux’ will certainly take the centre-stage of any room it is displayed in.