Robin Mullen


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Swathes of paint glide across the canvas. Closer inspection reveals how Robin has returned again and again to build a high relief.

Mars measures 200cm x 90xm and began its life on a cold morning with Robin constructing the stretcher frame and mounting the canvas. After allowing the canvas to settle, the first thin layer of paint was applied to eradicate the bright white surface.

The rest of the morning was dedicated to mixing the paint in the traditional manner using pigments, a glass muller and a glass base. Careful planning had determined the colour range required.

Painstakingly, Robin applied layer upon layer over several days photographing Mars at the end of each day to study its progress during the evening. Eventually the time came when a finishing point was reached.

A final day of fine finishing and varnishing brought Mars to completion.
Every step has been executed with care and attention to detail to create a stunning statement image.

Painted edges and steel wired ready to hang.