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Robin's Career as an Artist

Robin painting on Guildford High Street


Live Painting:

Robin Mullen has been painting live on Guildford High Street for over 30 years, and has become a well-known figure amongst the locals within the Surrey town. From now, until the New Year, Robin will be present to paint live on either the High Street (weekend days) or in his gallery on Market Street. 


Robin's Career as an Artist - a Timeline:

'What makes Robin's work unique?' one may ask. Well, in truth, there is no other artist that has the range, and quality, of his work. With each stage of his painting career, which spans over 40 years, Robin has found his style has adapted over the years due to personal reference, as well as the market at the time. From the early years, Robin started out by producing small, original pieces in which he sold at the Maltings exhibition in Farnham, Surrey. The subject of these paintings were highly detailed architectural structures. Further on in Robin's career, his style changed into what is known as 'impressionism'. That saw him take his old style, but instead of focusing on the small details of the paintings in which he did in his previous years, he used colour to add feeling to a subject. 

Moving on, Robin changed direction, moving from 'impressionism' to focusing on large-scale abstract art. This was Robin's main style of painting for around 10 years, in which he sold pieces at various London Art Fairs, as well as in his gallery at the time - King's Road, Chelsea. 

In recent times, Robin has focused on combining his various techniques over the years to create new styles and ranges, alongside his existing ones. The modern styles of Robin's includes his London cityscape work, his marine pieces and his very popular Guildford High Street paintings. Each of these paintings feature a touch of Robin's technique which he has perfectly over the years. This is shown by the high detail in each piece combined with a touch of abstract, as well as various bursts of colour. 

Visit Robin's Gallery This Christmas:

Robin has produced a range of new paintings in a variety of styles for display in his gallery, with each painting also being listed online for those who prefer to browse online. 

Be sure to see Robin's showcased artwork in Guildford this Christmas, and watch Robin create further pieces live on Guildford High Street and in his gallery - 3 Market Street, Guildford, GU1 4LB. 

Credit for image - @claudiastarkmusic 


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