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A great addition:

This stunning abstract painting demonstrates Robin’s ability to use traditional techniques to create a contemporary masterpiece. ‘Vega’ is one of Robin’s vertical abstracts, measuring at 127cm x 40cm. This piece features as one of the paintings in Robin’s new ‘Astral’ series, alongside ‘Pollux’ and ‘Spica’. This painting differentiates from the other two in the series, being the vertical piece. The abstract nature of this piece means it would complement a variety of modern living spaces, as it provides an outburst of colour against light or dark walls.

In terms of positioning, this painting would be well-suited for any vertical wall space, for example in the unused wall space next to a bedroom window, or in an alcove in a lounge. ‘Vega’, similarly to other abstract pieces of Robin’s, has a centre focal point, displaying heavy texture and a range of eye-catching colour combinations. This makes this piece a great addition to your home, by radiating positive thoughts and excitement through the bright colours displayed.


Blending the paints:

In order to create the stunning colour varieties featured in this modern abstract painting, Robin uses the finest quality of pigments to produce the different shades present within this piece. To mix the pigments, Robin employs a traditional method, by using a glass muller and a glass base. Before the application of this, the heavy texturing of the painting has to be completed first, which is achieved by the layering of oil paints. This can be a timely process, as the multiple layers of oil paint can take at least two to three weeks to dry. Once this has been completed, Robin applies the mixed paint to the canvas with a palette knife or a brush.

In order to ensure the quality and durability of this painting is up to the highest standard, Robin uses top-grade materials, which can help ensure the long-lasting life of this piece. Quality Belgium canvas is used with 3.5cm exhibition wooden stretcher bars, which enables the painting to hold its shape and finish over the years. In addition to this, Robin finishes of each piece with two layers of UV resistant varnish. This acts as an extra layer of protection for the painting, as well as supplying the painting with a dazzling shiny finish.

A deeper look into the colours:

‘Vega’ evidently displays a wide range of bright and wonderful colours, all of which are combined to create this piece. One of the prominent colours used is the well-known Cobalt Blue. This colour first discovered as a pure alumina-based pigment by Louis Jacques Thénard in 1802. Since then, it has become a favourite for artists, due to the bright blue colour is produces, perfect for giving depth to an abstract painting. Another colour used within this eye-catching piece is Rogue Cadmium Orange. This is a warm, bright orange that obtains it name as it is one of the cadmium colours, which range from yellow to red. Cadmium pigments enable good coverage and high tinting strength, which is an important factor for Robin when deciding on the selection of his paints. One other colour used in the creation of this abstract piece is Dioxazine Purple, which is a deep, strong shade of purple. This darker pigment allows for the juxtaposition of colours within this large abstract painting, as it provides a perfect contrast to the orange and reds present within this piece.

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