Robin Mullen


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The Perfect Addition:

This bright and wonderful abstract piece of Robin’s measures at 152cm x 76cm and is wired, therefore ready to hang. Similar to Robin’s other new piece ‘Hubble’, this piece features a dark and heavy textured centre, with bright and calming colours surrounding. This piece has the ability to bring life to any room in which it is displayed in. The size of this piece also means that it will be perfect for many living spaces. For example, this piece would be perfectly suited as a centre piece in a living room, as well as in a hallway which could benefit from the addition of colour.

Turquoise Takeover:

The success of this piece is a result of the brilliant, vibrant colours which feature within ‘Sway’. Turquoise is used with Navajo White to create a calming colour scheme for this painting. Navajo White is an orange/white colour, with the name deriving from the colours present within the national flag of Navajo. This colour is one of Robin’s favourite, and it works perfectly as a contrast to the dark centre to create this eye-catching piece. As seen within this piece, the Turquoise dominates the majority of ‘Sway’, and therefore can remind one of the calming natures of the ocean, providing a relaxed atmosphere for any location in which this wonderful abstract piece is displayed.


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