Robin Mullen

Sunset on the City

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Abstract cityscape:

‘Sunset on the City’ is Robin’s abstract portrayal of the city of New York. This piece is slightly wider than Robin’s previous abstract cityscapes, measuring at 41cm x 102cm.The wonderful arrangement of colours, combined with the expert use of a palette knife to depict a busy street of New York, is an example of how Robin can use his expert abstract techniques to enhance the colours of his stunning cityscapes. In addition to this, the extra width enables the burst of colours to be even more powerful, perfect for a variety of wall spaces in your home or office.

Selection of colours:

This abstract cityscape combines a wide range of contrasting colours to represent the bright and busy atmosphere of New York City. Robin uses Cobalt Blue and Dioxazine Purple for the dark and warming colours of this piece. These colours are two of Robin’s favourites to use for his abstract pieces, as they work well to enhance the effect of contrasting colours whilst providing deep and warming layers to the painting. One other prominent colour present within this cityscape is Golden Orange, a colour which has connotations with wealth, fun and sun. Other colours used are Turquoise, Vermillion and Dairylide Yellow, all of which provide a strong contrast to the dark colours previously used. The turquoise in particular is applied with a palette knife to provide great highlighting detail for this stunning abstract cityscape. The bright and eye-catching nature of this piece makes it a perfect addition to a variety of living spaces, as it has the capability to bring life to a calm area.

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