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Perfect for all living spaces:

With eye-catching colours present within this piece, ‘Spica’ is the ideal addition to your home. This abstract measures at 152cm x 76cm. The size of this red and grey abstract can be a centre piece of a variety of rooms within your household. It would be perfectly suited for above a mantle piece in a living room, above a headboard in a bedroom, and other areas which would benefit from a large rectangular piece. The strong shades of red enable this piece to provide a contrast in colour within a living space, with both light and dark surroundings enhancing the colours of this abstract.

‘Spica’, like many other of Robin’s beautiful abstracts, has a centre which depicts an explosion, with heavy texturing allowing the colours to break away from the surface of the canvas. This contemporary piece of abstract art has the ability to improve the aesthetics of your living space, as it consists of breath-taking colour contrasts that have the ability to transform any room in which it is located.


Creating this piece:

To ensure the sustainability of this piece, exhibition wooden stretchers are used with premium Belgium canvas to provide a high-quality structure for the painting. This means that this contemporary piece of art can be a centrepiece for your home for many years, due to the durability of the materials used. The technique in which Robin has used to create this piece is a time-consuming step by step process, which starts off with the planning of this piece. A long-handled brush is used to sketch out the basis of the painting. This enables Robin to work towards his initial aim for the outcome of this piece. The next step is the most time-consuming stage, as this includes applying several layers of oil paint, to create the heavy texture present within the centre of the canvas. The application of multiple layers of oil paint means that this step can take a minimum of two weeks, as it requires a lot of patience to allow the oil paint to completely dry.

After this, Robin uses a traditional method of mixing to create each shade of colour used in this abstract painting. A glass muller is used with a glass base to mix the highest quality pigments, to produce the different shades of red and orange seen within the painting. Once the pigments have been mixed expertly, a palette knife or brush is used by Robin to apply the paint to the canvas. To ensure the success of this piece, the colours were applied from dark to light, as this helps display the range of contrasting colours present within this abstract painting. The final stage of the process involves the application of two layers of UV resistant varnish. This enables to painting to possess a brilliant, shiny finish, whilst ensuring the protection of the piece.

A dazzling combination of colours:

Within ‘Spica’, different colours are combined to create this contrasting piece of modern abstract art. Evidently one of the main colours used is a bright red, which is an eye-catching colour that attracts the attention of many.  The colour red is often seen to hold connotations with confidence and warmth. It can provide a safe and warm environment, whilst at the same time inspiring one to be energetic and risk-taking. This colour has been combined with Rogue Cadmium Orange, which is a warm, bright orange that obtains it name as it is one of the cadmium colours, which range from yellow to red. Cadmium pigments enable good coverage and high tinting strength, which is an important factor for Robin when deciding on the selection of his paints. One other colour used in the creation of this abstract piece is Dioxazine Purple, which is a deep, strong shade of purple. This darker pigment allows for the juxtaposition of colours within this large abstract painting, as it provides a perfect contrast to the orange and reds present within this piece.

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