Robin Mullen


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A Variety of Techniques:

‘Spectrum’ is a new creation of Robin’s, displaying an exciting array of colours within a subtle black box frame. Measuring at x by x, this piece comes wired and ready to hang. This piece features a blend of different shades of red, orange, yellow, blue and purple, also known as spectral colours, hence the name of this painting. Robin employs a variety of methods which are all combined to create Spectrum. Each area of the canvas displays the variation of techniques used, with a heavily textured centre bringing the piece together.


This painting is an example of Robin experimenting with bright, exciting colours - resulting in an eye-catching creation. The formation of this painting is divided into four parts. The deep, refreshing red bottom half is accompanied by the turquoise/highlighted central heavy texture. The top half however is split into two, with the left hand side featuring the deep reds with bursts of yellow. On the right Robin adds a subtle yellow backdrop with a stunning addition of dioxazine purple which blends perfectly into the turquoise surrounding. As seen, Spectrum features a variety of colours which would instantly brighten up any room it is placed within.