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Robin Mullen


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Towering Structures:

‘Skyscrapers’ is a vertical abstract painting created by Robin Mullen. Measuring at 102cm x 31cm, this piece is a perfect addition to any room, as it can add bold colour to even the most awkward of spaces. The vertical nature of this piece also lends itself to the subject matter, as it emphasises the towering structures of New York, as the skyscrapers create the corridors across the city. Robin uses his palette knife technique to create the entirety of ‘Skyscrapers’, which provides the piece with sharp and eye-catching highlights. Where this piece is placed to add colour to the tight space next to a window, a pillar or just a narrow wall, is has the capability to provide an abstract touch to your living space.

The dazzling combination of colours:

Robin uses multiple colours to create this wonderful depiction of New York City, which will attract the attention of many. Robin uses a combination of Turquoise, Cobalt Blue and Dioxazine Purple to give the base colour scheme for this piece. The deep colour of Dioxazine purple can be seen in both the towering structures and the base of this piece, which provides the dark features in ‘Skyscrapers’. Turquoise is used to create the light contrast of the blue colour scheme. This colour is stunning and bright, and it also has a strong presence within this piece. Finally, Robin uses Crimson Red and Vat Orange which provides a great variety of colour in this piece, much like the streets of New York.

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