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A stunning vertical:

‘Saros’ is a beautiful red abstract which measures at 102cm x 31cm. This piece is a stunning vertical piece which features one of Robin’s favourite colour schemes, red with gold and black. The striking colours within this piece convey feelings of confidence and love, with the ability to bring life to a calm area. Vertical pieces are useful for accompanying blank wall spaces in areas which can be hard to fill. Examples within a house include narrow walls, pillars, and tight areas near a window. The gold and black highlights present within ‘Saros’ makes this piece an eye-catching display of abstract art, and it can be a perfect way to bring colour into your home.

 Technique employed:

The canvas used for ‘Saros’ is a polyester fabric, which results in a smooth finish. Robin also uses exhibition stretcher bars, to ensure the durability of this piece. In order to ‘hold’ the paint, Robin uses fine grain porcelain mixed with gesso for his underlayer, as this provides ‘tooth’ for the paints. Robin then uses a long-handled brush to balance the image correctly, as this ensures he can work towards his intended outcome. The next stage of the process is the application of several layers of oil paint. This can take at least two weeks to dry, and this is an important step as it creates the heavy texturing present within the painting. Next Robin uses a brush or a palette knife to apply the various colours of paint. The gold highlights are achieved by using fine enamel layers to produce the tinted areas. In order to create the gold lines seen within this piece, enamel is applied with a syringe, which adds a stunning finish to this piece. Robin completes ‘Saros’ with the application of UV protection varnish, which helps ensure the safety of the piece, as well as providing the painting with a wonderful shine.


Striking colours:

‘Saros’ is a wonderful combination of strong, breath-taking colours which can brighten up any room. The base colour used within ‘Saros’ is Scarlet Red, which is an eye-caching bright red. This colour was frequently used by Robin in his past abstract pieces, as it is brilliant for producing striking displays of abstract art. Robin also uses black highlights in this piece. The use of black adds depth to this painting, and it also partners very well with the gold highlights. The combination of red, black and gold colours is used to create the bright and dazzling ‘Saros’, which would be perfect for introducing colour to your living space.

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