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The presence of the painting:

This original abstract painting, created by Robin Mullen, measures at 152cm x 76cm. The bright, stunning colours within this piece makes it a perfect addition to your household. The large rectangular shape means it will be well-suited for various locations, for example positioning this piece to cover a large white wall in a bedroom, or above the mantle-piece in your living room. The cool and calming colours can result in feelings of safety and security, which is exactly how a home should feel. The use of both light and dark blues demonstrates how the contrasting shades of colour can increase the presence of this piece, and this explains why this abstract painting has the ability to attract the attention of many. 

The centre of this piece is a representation of Robin’s traditional abstract overlaying technique. ‘Pollux’ includes an eruption of colours, creating a fierce but gentle piece of abstract art. The layering of oil paints results in the heavy texturing which features in this painting, and these influence the different shades of blue to stand out from each other. This eye-catching creation of Robin’s is the perfect addition to your home, as the abstract nature of it means it has the capability to transform your living space.


The process:

In order to create a successful abstract piece, Robin ensures the sustainability of his paintings by using quality Belgium canvas, fitted on exhibition wooden stretchers. This guarantees the structure remains firm, meaning each piece can last a lifetime.  Once the canvas is fitted to the stretcher bars, Robin uses a somewhat lengthy step-by-step process to create this abstract piece. First of all, to balance the image correctly, Robin uses a long-handled brush to set the parameter of the painting. Once the planning has been completed, several layers of oil paint is applied to create the heavy texture present within the centre of the piece. This step is the most time-consuming part, as it can take two weeks or more for the oil paint to completely dry.

After creating the heavy texture of the piece, Robin proceeds to create his different shades of paints. This is achieved by the mixing of pigments of the highest quality, with the use of a glass muller and glass base, a traditional method. Once the intended shades have been created, Robin applies the paint, using either a palette knife or a brush to do this. One of Robin’s ways of ensuring the success of this piece is applying the colours from dark to light, as this enables him to add highlight to certain areas which require it. Once the piece is completed, two layers of UV resistant varnish is added to ensure the protection of the painting, whilst also providing it with a wonderful shine.

Stunning colours:

‘Pollux’ features a stunning combination of colours, with the most eye-catching one arguably being the Cobalt Turquoise. The colour turquoise can represent feelings of escape and tranquillity, as it can make one think of warm landscapes as well as tropical waters.  The colour has both warm and cool undertones, and the combination of this with deep blues can result in a painting having strong associations with the ocean and its calming nature. Cerulean Blue is another colour used in the creation of this abstract piece, and it is made by the calcination of tins, salts and silica with cobalt sulphate. This pigment is a choice of Robin’s due to the highly refractive particles in which Cerulean Blue possesses, which creates its opaque and bright colour.

One other colour used within this piece is one of Robin’s favourite, Dioxazine Violet. This stunning colour has connotations with being strong and dominant, therefore the inclusion of this colour in this abstract piece provides a contrast to the calming Cobalt Turquoise and Cerulean Blue. The combination of all three of these pigments allows Robin to create an explosion of colours within the centre of this piece, which is the focal point of this wonderful abstract piece of art.

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