Robin Mullen


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‘Orion’ is an original abstract piece created by Robin Mullen. This piece measures at 130cm x 40cm anddemonstrates Robin’s ability to use traditional techniques to create a contemporary masterpiece. The grey background of this piece enables Orion to blend in with surrounding furniture in a modern-styled living space, whilst also allowing the stunning central highlights to shine through. The horizontal nature of this piece allows you to add another of Robin’s wonderful abstract paintings to even the most awkward of wall spaces within your home.

The name of this painting represents the prominent constellation ‘Orion’ which is located on the celestial equator. It can be seen throughout the world, featuring Rigel, the sixth brightest star in the sky. Robin often names his abstract pieces in association with the outer space, as the effects that he creates with his own techniques have similarities with that of the stars and planets seen beyond Earth. The use of purple and turquoise pigments demonstrates the vibrant colours that can be seen within the night sky.

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