Robin Mullen


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The importance of quality pigments is uppermost in Robin's mind during the execution of each painting. Poor quality pigments would provide, not just a weak result, but quality of colour diminishing prematurely.
Robin meticulously prepares each surface by hand, not always an easy job in early morning sub zero temperatures. Robin is methodical in his working practice. Timing is crucial as he is not one to sit still, everything must be in place on time.
Paint is applied initially in fine layers to avoid any surface cracking with heavy impasto layers adding the final dramatic touch.
Nimbus uses pigment dispersion as its theme with colour bursting from its core. Controlling the colour involves an element of skill and control.
Spend a moment to allow your eyes to lead you through its formation and flow across the array of colour. Each colour will draw a different response from the onlooker and together will form a reaction..
Gallery wrapped canvas on exhibition quality support, steel wired and ready to hang.

The size of this piece is 110 x 80cm.

Robin's painting is delivered free of charge in the UK.