Robin Mullen


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Wonderful texture:

‘Meteorite’ is one of Robin’s original abstract pieces, measuring at 80cm x 110cm. The display of this painting within your home creates a sense of warmth and security, as a result of the neutral colours present within this piece. The expertly combined colours, along with the brilliant texture on the canvas, signifies the experience Robin has in creating abstract paintings which have the capability of perfecting a variety of living spaces.


Robin has always created a range of abstract paintings, using a variety of colour schemes which enable you to find the perfect painting to suit each room within your home. ‘Meteorite’ is a beautiful example of how neutral colours can be used to create a calm yet energising piece of art. Additionally, Robin has applied several layers of oil paint in order to create the stunning, heavy texture present throughout this painting. This painting would be a perfect addition to a living space which possesses a neutral colour scheme, bringing life to any room it is displayed in.