Robin Mullen

London Icons

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The City:

This original abstract, measuring at 41cm x 127cm, is one of Robin’s latest additions to his collection of London abstracts. This piece features a mix up of the iconic buildings of London. These include the O2, The Gherkin, St. Paul’s and other recognisable skyscrapers. Robin is well-known for painting live on Guildford High Street; however he has also paid many visits to Central London to produce both drawings and paintings of the skyscrapers in front of him. Whether you have spent a majority of your time working in the City or have a love for the beauty of the iconic buildings of London, this abstract piece can add a brilliant touch to your living space.

 The details:

Robin, much like his other pieces of work, have been produced on the highest quality of materials, with the addition of the brilliant Sennelier pigments. Robin created the heavy texturing in the centre of the canvas by applying several layers of oil paint, which can be a timely process due to the time needed to allow the oil paint to dry. The background of this piece features a grey mixed with an orange/grey, which helps to bring out the colours of the buildings whilst also allowing the piece to blend in with neutral colour schemes in your home. Robin uses colours such as Turquoise, Scarlet Red and Dioxazine Purple for individual buildings, and this is expertly blended into the texturing. Finally, Robin uses two layers of UV protection varnish to ensure the safety of the piece.