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Robin Mullen


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Abstract explosion:

‘Formation’ is a display of Robin’s latest style of abstract, measuring at 60cm x 60cm. This square piece holds together an explosion of paints, with a high level of detail and layering covering a widespread area of the canvas. This original abstract painting combines Robin’s more traditional techniques in his previous abstract pieces with a modern touch, allowing the picture to compliment a variety of living spaces.

This piece can lead an individual to feel a variety of emotions, depending on the location of this painting. In a modern environment, it can indicate a sense of calm and security with the gentle colours combining, whereas on the contrary, it can represent a bold centre piece bringing together a vibrant living room, with an eruption of colours formed in a certain ‘formation’.


Creating this piece:

The structure of this blue and grey abstract consists of using exhibition wooden stretchers, with a quality Belgium canvas. The quality materials are used to ensure the sustainability of this painting, meaning this painting could be present in your home for a lifetime. The technique used is a lengthy step by step process, created and displayed by Robin with this piece. The initial planning involves using a long-handled brush to balance the image correctly. This is followed by Robin applying several layers of oil paint, to construct the raised centre core which gives the painting a fantastic heavy texture. The multiple layers of oil paint being applied requires this step to take a minimum of two weeks, due to the time it takes for the oil paint to dry.

The next step Robin employed to create this wonderful abstract painting involves the mixing of the highest quality pigments, to create a variety of shades to be applied. The method of mixing used is very traditional, with the use of a glass muller and a glass base to create each colour. When the pigments have been mixed expertly to achieve the intended shade, the application of the paint is accomplished with the use of a palette knife or brush. To ensure the piece displays a range of contrasting shades of colour, the colours were applied to the canvas from dark to light. Lastly, the finished piece is completed with the application of two layers of UV resistant varnish, resulting in a brilliant shine and protection of the painting.


Selection of colours:

The colour combinations created for this piece are generated by the mixing of various acrylic paints. Two of the main colours used were Dioxazine Violet, which is a deep shade of purple, and Cobalt Turquoise, which produces the brighter colours. Cobalt Turquoise is a compound of colbalt and chromium, and it is related to the chromium colouring agent that gives emeralds their gorgeous green colour. This is a prominent colour within ‘Formation’, as the colour turquoise has gentle qualities, and can therefore be juxtaposed with the striking Dioxazine Violet, which has connotations with being a strong, fierce shade of purple. The combination of these contrasting colours creates a wide range of light to dark shades, resulting in the explosive centre part of this piece.

In addition to this, the background of this piece features the soft grey colour, Davy’s Grey. This colour was originally developed in the nineteenth century for an English artist called Henry Davy, a pupil of the famous water-colourist J S Cotman. This grey pigment was used to create a soft background, allowing for the bright colours to take the centre stage in this wonderful abstract painting. It also allows for the painting to fit well in up-to-date living spaces, as the grey correlates well with the majority of the contemporary colour schemes present within modern-day homes.

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