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Original Painting:

This wonderful abstract piece by Robin Mullen featuring aluminium silver over a textured grey is one of Robin’s square original paintings. Measuring at 90cm x 90cm, it is a perfectly sized piece to take the stage in any living space, such as a lounge or dining room. Grey abstracts are well suited to modern-styled living spaces, as they correlate with the contemporary colour schemes present within up-to-date houses. ‘Estella’ includes several layers of a variety of greys, which combine to create a breath-taking piece.

The textured centre of this painting is a representation of Robin’s unique abstract technique, which has featured on various abstract paintings of Robin’s throughout the years. It symbolises a combination of traditional techniques with a modern touch, perfect for any room within your household. With grey being the centre colour of this painting, it provides a living space with a sense of elegance. In addition to this, the bright aluminium highlights that stand out within this piece makes this painting a striking addition to your home.

Technique Employed:

The technique used in the creation of ‘Estella’ is a timely method which requires patience and experience, which Robin has acquired over the 34 years he has been painting. One of the key factors in ensuring the durability of Robin’s pieces is the use of premium materials. For this abstract painting, quality Belgium canvas is used on exhibition stretcher bars. Next, Robin uses a long-handled brush to balance the image perfectly. Once this has been completed, Robin proceeds to apply several layers of oil paint to create the stunning textured centre of this piece. This unique method is the most time-consuming factor in creating this piece, as the oil paints can take two to three weeks to dry.

Once Robin has allowed for the oil paint to dry, he focuses on expertly mixing quality pigments to create the variety of shades seen within this painting. Robin employs a traditional method of mixing to create the shades of grey, using a glass muller and a glass base to mix the pigments. Once the desired shades have been created, Robin proceeds to apply the base layer of paint with a brush. He adds the different shades of grey with either a palette knife or a brush, depending on the area of the painting. By this point, Robin has applied the colours from dark to light, therefore the final step is to apply the bright aluminium leaf, providing highlights to the piece. Once the painting is completed, two layers of UV resistant varnish is applied to protect the painting, whilst also providing the piece with a brilliant shine.

The Love of Grey:

‘Estella’ features a base layer consisting of the neutral grey colour. Neutral grey is perfect for contemporary living spaces, as it is a more-saturated version of the colour white, which is why the colour is featured often in modern house designs. This base colour enables the painting to blend in expertly with its surroundings, and wooden structures such as wardrobes and mantle pieces would be a perfect partner for this piece. This is because the base colour of this painting does not try to compete with other colours present within a space, such as the light or dark brown of your wooden décor.

Another colour used by Robin within ‘Estella’ is Paynes Grey, names after the watercolourist William Paynes of the 18th Century. This colour is a dark iron blue with hints of grey, which is used to provide another layer of darker paint to this piece. This colour provides a calming sense to this piece, as it is a deep and warming version of black, perfect for this particular abstract painting. The final touch is the application of aluminium leaf. This is another of Robin’s unique techniques to provide highlights to an abstract painting. The shine of the aluminium is the perfect addition to the darker colours featured within ‘Estella’.

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