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A modern touch:

‘Eclipse’ is one of Robin’s latest pieces of work. This abstract painting measures at 127cm x 40cm, a perfect size to complement a variety of living spaces. This piece has the capability of improving your home, by adding a modern touch to your existing décor. Whether this piece is located above a headboard, over furniture or in a hallway, it has the ability to be the focal point of any room in which it is situated in. The light grey base colour of ‘Eclipse’ also enables this piece to blend in perfectly with modern-styled living spaces, as it is well-suited to neutral colour schemes. 

The success of this abstract painting:

In order to be successful in the creation of ‘Eclipse’, Robin uses premium materials to ensure the piece is of the highest quality possible. This is achieved by using Belgium polyester canvas on exhibition stretcher bars, as this guarantees the painting will hold its structure. Next, Robin applies an underlayer consisting of a porcelain texture, made by the mixture of fine grain porcelain and gesso. This provides ‘tooth’ for the paints to prevent dripping. Robin then uses conte sticks to mark out the area of the painting, and this cannot be seen when the paint has been applied. Robin then creates his famous heavy texturing by applying several layers of oil paint, allowing a three-week drying period.  Next Robin expertly mixes high-quality pigments using the traditional method of a glass muller with a glass base. Once the intended shades have been created, Robin applies the paints using a hog hair brush or a palette knife. The final stage in ensuring the success of this piece is achieved by applying two layers of UV protection varnish, which secures the painting whilst also providing a shiny finish.

The calming colours:

‘Eclipse’ features a fantastic combination of blue and grey coloured paints. The base of this abstract piece features a light grey shade. The neutral colour of light grey means it will not try to take away the beauty of your already present decorations, as it does not compete with colours to take the centre stage. In addition to this, Robin uses two different shades of blue pigments to create the colour contrast present within ‘Eclipse’. The first is Cobalt Blue, which is a striking shade of blue, providing this painting with a bright and eye-catching centre. The other variant of blue used is Coeruleum Blue. This colour has been widely used by artists due to its bright and stunning finish. Coeruleum Blue provides the piece with a lighter finish, which works perfectly with the light grey and the Cobalt Blue. The calming nature of these colours means this piece can be perfect for any home, as it can help one to feel safe and relaxed in their living space.

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