Robin Mullen


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This piece measures 60cm x 60cm.

This piece is unframed, if you would like it framed, please click here to see options.

Endless possibilities:

This stunning original abstract is one of Robin’s latest creations, measuring at 60cm x 60cm. This piece is a smaller abstract, which means it can be a perfect addition to a variety of living spaces. The size of this painting means it can be used as both a centre piece of a room, whilst also being well suited to small wall spaces such as near a window or above an office desk. The heavy texturing present in ‘Cordelia’ is one of Robin’s traditional techniques which is featured in a number of Robin’s abstracts. The use of this unique technique makes this piece a focal point in any room it is presented in, as it helps the piece to stand out from the surrounding décor.

 Spectacular detail:

In the process of creating this wonderful square piece, Robin ensures the durability of the painting by using exhibition stretchers on heavy texture canvas, which has the ability to hold more paint and texture. Robin then uses a porcelain texture for his underlayer. The porcelain is fine grain mixed with gesso, which provides ‘tooth’ for the piece, holding the different paints together. The next step is marking out the plan for the piece, which is accomplished by Robin using a light diluted oil mix combines with oil diluted with turpentine, to draw out the areas. Robin then uses his traditional method of applying multiple layers of oil paint to create the spectacular detailing within the piece; this step can take two to three weeks to dry, therefore requiring a high amount of patience.  Robin then continues to apply paint using a brush or a palette knife, whilst using the end of a brush to mark thick areas of paint. In addition to this, Robin uses aluminium foil to create the stunning highlights of this piece. Finally, two layers of UV varnish are applied to create a protective cover for this painting. 

Wonderful use of colours:

‘Cordelia’ is an elegant piece, which can influence one to feel a sense of joy, whilst at the same time a feeling of safe and security. The stunning base colour of this piece is creating using a yellow oxide tinted with white. This colour is perfect for a range of living space, and it would be well-suited to feature in the company of wooden structures such as a large oak table or wooden bookshelves. Gold Orange is another colour seen within ‘Cordelia’, and in this piece it has been used to provide a bright highlight and eye-catching part of the painting. Bright Orange has the ability to influence one to feel warm and joyful, which can make this piece a perfect way to brighten up the spirits within your home. The final standout colour featured within ‘Astrid’ is the magnificent Scarlett Red. This wonderful shade of red is a traditional colour, which is used in the centre of this piece to produce an interesting contrast to the subtle colours which surround it.

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