Robin Mullen


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This piece measures 91cm x 91cm.

This piece is unframed, if you would like it framed, please click here to see options.

 What this painting brings to your home:

‘Constellation' is a stunning square abstract piece, measuring at 91cm x 91cm. This painting is a beautiful and elegant piece which can bring joy and a sense of relaxation into your home, due to the striking yet calming colours present with this abstract piece. The painting has the ability to give life to your surroundings, whilst at the same time being able to blend in well with contemporary styled living spaces due to the soft base colour of ‘Constellation'.


Relaxing by the sea:

The colours present within this piece are ones that can be associated with the deep and wonderful colours of the oceans, meaning this piece has the ability to remind one of the calming natures of our world. Prussian Blue is mixed with Dioxazine Purple to create the wonderful shades featured in this piece. This is applied above the Yellow Oxide tint under-layer, which is used to provide a subtle and soft background for ‘Constellation’. The heavy texturing, created by the application of multiple layers of oil paint, is highlighted with a striking gold which makes this piece stand out from the rest.