Robin Mullen


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Astro is a large original abstract painting by Robin Mullen. This piece measures at 152cm x 76cm and comes wired, therefore ready to hang. The name ‘Astro’ is associated with the outer space, which is what this painting reminded Robin of. The unique patterns and colours are something in which you would only see beyond the Earth. The depth of the texture, which is created by the application of several layers of oil paint, creates a somewhat three-dimensional effect, which results in this piece standing out in any room it is placed within.

What makes Robin’s paintings special compared to others is his desire to provide his customers with not only a brilliant, eye-catching design, but a painting that will last a lifetime. This is assured by the use of the most premium materials available, such as excellent canvas which is coated with Windsor & Newton Professional Gloss Varnish. What is special about Astro is the use of a particular pigment, known as Lapis Lazuli, a unique soft violet tone which is mined Afghanistan and South America. This pigment, supplied to Robin by Cornelissen is of great quality, and has a value equal to gold.

Measuring 152cm x 76cm, this painting comes wired and ready to hang.