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This piece measures 90cm x 90cm without a frame and 97cm x 97cm with a frame. 

Perfect for all living spaces:

Astrid is one of Robin’s original square abstract pieces, measuring at 90cm x 90cm. The colours displayed in this piece work well with modern living spaces, as the use of grey enables this painting to blend with other neutral colour schemes. In addition to this, the size and shape of this piece allows it to be a focal point of any room. An abstract square piece of this nature can influence one to feel a variety of emotions, with the calm and warm colours conveying a sense of freedom whilst at the same time, security.


‘Astrid’, much like Robin’s other pieces of work, is produced using high quality materials. Robin used a polyester canvas for this piece, which provides the painting with a smooth finish, useful for the areas surrounding the heavy texture. Before the application of paints to the canvas, Robin uses conté crayons to sketch out the parameter of the piece, and this cannot be seen when the further paint has been applied. After this, Robin uses one of his traditional techniques to create the heavy texture seen within ‘Astrid’. This is achieved by applying several layers of oil paint, which can be a very timely method, taking up to three weeks for the paint to fully dry. Once this is dry, Robin applies paint using a variety of brushes depending on the desired effect. For the smother areas, Robin uses a synthetic brush, whereas for the blending, Robin uses a fine bristle brush. Finally, two layers of UV protection varnish is applied to the painting, which ensures the protection of this piece, whilst producing a brilliant shine.

Use of colour:

‘Astrid’ has the ability to make your room an oasis of colour. The base layer colour is one that is related to the modern neutral family, light grey. This base colour is perfect for contemporary living spaces, as many up-to-date homes include a calm and clean neutral colour scheme. In addition to this, Robin has used three alternative colours to brighten up the centre of this piece. One of the featured colours is Gold Orange, which is a bright, warm shade of orange which provides this piece with a sense of energy and enjoyment. This colour is associated with the stimulation of mental activity, therefore well-suited for dining areas, kitchens and offices. Another colour used within ‘Astrid’ is one of Robin’s favourites, Dioxazine Purple. This colour has a masstone of a deep purple, with a vivid purple undertone. This breath-taking colour is used to add a dark but warming touch to this piece. Coeroleum Blue. This colour is opaque and bright due to its highly refractive particles. Within ‘Astrid’, it provides the painting with a stunning shade of blue which stands out in this abstract piece. Delivered ready to hang,

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