Robin Mullen


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This painting measures 60cm x 60cm. 

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The experience:

‘Apollo’ is an original abstract from Robin Mullen, which measures at 60cm x 60cm. This piece features great shafts of bright colours, emerging from a deep central texture. The influence to create this stunning abstract piece comes from ‘Solaris’, which is an extraordinary film exploring the space beyond Earth, and the colours present within this piece represent that of space and the ‘unknown’. Dioxazine Purple is the most prominent colour within this piece, and it is mixed with white and also Scarlet Red to provide the deep yet subtle colours of ‘Apollo’. Highlights of Turquoise and White are used upon the heavy texture to enhance the brightness of the piece, which enables this piece to stand in your living space.

How Apollo was created:

This painting is mounted on heavyweight, exhibition stretcher bars with a 3.5cm depth, and quality Belgium canvas is used to ensure the durability of this piece. The first step in the creation of ‘Apollo’ is applying a porcelain texture underlayer, which consists of fine grain porcelain mixed with gesso, which provides ‘tooth’ for the painting. Robin then draws the plan on the canvas with Conté Crayons, which cannot be seen once paint has been applied. Robin the creates the heavy texturing of this piece by applying several layers of oil paint, which can take up to three weeks to completely dry. After this, Robin uses a hog hair brush to apply the paint and blend it with the grey under layer. Finally, Robin applies two layers of UV protection varnish, which ensures the safety of ‘Apollo’, whilst also providing the piece with a brilliant shine.

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