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Robin Mullen

Abstract City Streets

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The city:

This stylish original abstract is a demonstration of Robin’s ability to use a palette knife to create a cityscape with an abstract touch. Measuring at 86cm x 31cm, this piece would look great in a variety of locations within your house, for example over a mantlepiece, or above a headboard in a bedroom. This painting has special meaning to Robin, having spent many years travelling to the city where he participated in a number of art shows. This painting represents the busy and bright atmosphere in which the city of New York holds, and has the ability to brighten up any room it is presented in.

The process:

‘Abstract City Streets’ is set on a Belgium quality canvas, which is heavy textured allowing Robin to apply thick layers of paint. The porcelain textured underlayer contains fine grain mixed with gesso, to provide ‘tooth’ for the painting process. To set out the plan for this piece, Robin uses Conté crayons to provide a base to this piece, however the drawing can not be seen once paint has been applied. As previously stated, Robin predominantly uses a palette knife to apply the paint to the canvas, and the different colours are created by the expert mixing of specialist pigments. The wonderful combination of colours made from different pigments such as Scarlet Red, Dioxazine Purple and Turquoise, are capable of making your room into an oasis of colour, adding a glow to any part of your living space.

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